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The basis of the Museum’s operations is our collections which consist of hundreds of thousands of specimens, everything from mammals to pollen, plus rocks and minerals. These collections are considered to be among the largest collection in Thailand and certain sub-collections are unique. Among these are the butterfly collection and aquatic fauna collections. The Butterfly collection contains more than 800 species of approximately 1000 species known in Thailand, and includes rare, endangered, and some extinct species. The Aquatic fauna collections in our museum have been intensively collected mainly from the freshwater, marine and wetland habitats of southern Thailand. In the zoological collection of the museum are more than 150 species of coral, 400 species of mollusks, 400 species of crustaceans, 50 species of echinoderms, 800 species of fish and 80 species of amphibians and reptiles. The Bat specimen collection is considered to be the largest in the country. These collections are being converted into a database format for easy retrieval of information. They have been identified, scientifically classified and arranged taxonomically.

The PSU Herbarium houses more than 25,000 registered specimens, mostly collected from southern Thailand. The PSU Herbarium is one of the three herbarium in Thailand registered internationally. Research on biodiversity of Peninsular Thailand is actively carried out in collaboration with researchers from all over the world.


Type Specimens of Plants

Boesenbergia rubrostriata C.Maknoi & K.Lasen
Paraboea uniflora Z.R.Xu & B.C.Burtt
Cleistocalyx phengklaii P.Chantaranothai & J.Parnell
Paraboea tarutaoensis Xu & Burtt
Argostemma fasiculata Sridith & K.Larsen

Type Specimens of Animals

Johora thaiana Leelawathanagoon, Lheknim & Ng, 2005
Lecane kunthuleensis Chittapun, Pholpunthin & Segers, 2003
Johora thaiana Leelawathanagoon, Lheknim & Ng, 2005
Lecane kunthuleensis Chittapun, Pholpunthin & Segers, 2003
Longiflagrum koyonensis Angsupanich, 2003
Pagurapseudopsis thailandica Angsupanich, 2001

 Online collections

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