The present exhibitions have displays on topics related to natural history which are of benefit to elementary, secondary schools and the public. These include the following:

1st Floor: Origins of earth and the geological time scale


Exhibitions on this floor focus on the solar system, origins of Earth, geography of southern Thailand and the evolution of life. See examples of different kinds of rocks and fossils. Experience life in a carboniferous forest from our mock up of such an environment.




Mezzanine Floor: Amazing Nature

This floor features frequently changing temporary exhibits of an interactive nature that are designed to educate and stimulate the minds of visitors, especially children. Interactive mechanical models simulate natural phenomena and models of evolutionary humans illustrate how we have evolved over millions.
Evolutionary model of humans

2nd Floor: Diversity of Life

Exhibits on this floor include many stuffed and preserved organisms such as coral, butterflies, insects and reptiles, and including, marine fish displayed as fibreglass models.


3rd Floor: Ecosystem

Terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems are exhibited on this floor to show the relationship between various living organisms and the environments in which they live.

Learn about the different natural environments in Thailand such as mangroves, rocks and sand, and forest ecosystems. An understanding of these ecosystems will help us to work for and save our environment for future generations to enjoy.

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