Floating in the Sea

During the pass month, there have been reports of Blue Bottles or Portuguese Man-of-war at the Andaman coast of Thailand. In fact, these animals are just one of many venomous animals related to jellyfish. Therefore, the knowledge about these animals will help us to understand their biology and know how to first aid the patients after got stung correctly.

3 new mammals described from Thailand and Laos

In 2013, an international team of researchers, including from the Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Natural History Museum (PSUNHM), and Department of Biology, Prince of Songkla University, National University of Laos and the Harrison Institute, UK, has announced their recent discovery on three new species of mammals from Thailand and Laos. These include a giant flying-squirrel, a tube-nosed bat and an extinct serotine bat.

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